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About Educated Cleaners

Honest & Efficient Work

The concept behind Educated Cleaners began in 1996 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our friends and fellow classmates studied and lived the usual college life and barely found the time or the desire to clean. It was then that we started a cleaning service. Over time we began to use more and more environmentally friendly products and methods until eventually we went “Green.”

Educated Cleaners concept is simple…we educate our cleaning professionals about our environmentally friendly cleaning products, processes and methods, to ensure that everyone who cleans with us and for you is an Educated Cleaner.

Educated Cleaners cleaning solutions are chosen for their antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. We know what is in our products and this allows us to ensure that our products are effective while being Eco-friendly. We use these products on the properties we service and in our own home.

We continue to take care of our clients’ unique needs while remaining committed to our ethos of “thinking globally and cleaning locally.” We look forward to taking care of you soon.

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