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Educated Cleaners has been providing exceptional eco-friendly commercial cleaning services to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area since 2009. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed.

Educated Cleaners is committed to exceeding our clients expectations with unmatched integrity throughout the industry. We provide unsurpassed commercial cleaning services through active management, outstanding quality control measures and constant communication with our customers. We know that our customers trust us not only with their properties, but with their image in the industry as well. We understand just how important superior maintenance is to you, your tenants, customers and employees.

Educated Cleaners is dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers the superb eco-friendly commercial cleaning services they deserve. Our understanding of the unique commercial cleaning needs of each property and client, allows us to customize a cleaning program to fit your specific needs and budget. From daily maintenance, specialty cleaning or unexpected situations, we are always prepared. Our attention to detail and competitive pricing makes us the commercial cleaning company of choice. Educated Cleaners is a fully bonded and insured Maryland based company. When your properties are in our care, you can be sure perfection is our goal!


About Educated Cleaners

Honest & Efficient Work

The concept behind Educated Cleaners began in 1996 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our friends and fellow classmates studied and lived the usual college life and barely found the time or the desire to clean. It was then that we started a cleaning service. Over time we began to use more and more environmentally friendly products and methods until eventually we went “green.”

Educated Cleaners concept is simple…we educate our cleaning professionals about our environmentally friendly cleaning products, processes and methods, to ensure that everyone who cleans with us and for you is an Educated Cleaner.

Educated Cleaners cleaning solutions are chosen for their antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. We know what is in our products and this allows us to ensure that our products are effective while being eco-friendly. We use these products on the properties we service and in our own home. We continue to take care of our clients’ unique needs while remaining committed to our motto of “cleaning locally and thinking globally.” We look forward to taking care of you soon.

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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Educated Cleaners is an environmentally-conscious cleaning company. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to clean commercial properties throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Our practices result in cleaner, safer and healthier environments. Educated Cleaners takes pride in providing excellent customer service and producing quality results while minimizing our impact on the environment. Educated Cleaners is dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers the superb service they deserve. Our understanding of the unique cleaning needs of each property and client, allows us to customize a cleaning program to fit your specific needs and budget. From daily maintenance to unexpected situations, we are always prepared. Our attention to detail and competitive pricing makes us the commercial cleaning company of choice. 

Cleaning Products

Office and Commercial Properties Cleanings

Since our founding, Educated Cleaners has been one of the most trusted names in the commercial cleaning industry. We deliver one-time, short-term & long-term contract based commercial cleaning services. Hire us and see how we cater to the specific needs of each of your properties', ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Apartment Building

Turn Over Cleaning Services

Educated Cleaners is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to needing quick turn around times. Turnover cleanings include, as necessary, paint and patch, deep cleaning of the carpets, and a full cleaning of each unit. Each turnover crew member has a specific role within the turnover service allowing Educated Cleaners to perform in a timely and effective manner. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We value the importance of each units  appearance before a tenant or owner moves-in and we take pride in providing our customers with superior service.

Vaccum Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Services

Educated Cleaners will deep clean carpets to remove stains, dirt, and allergens from your carpets through both, or either, bonnet and extraction cleaning methods. 

Construction Engineer

Post Construction

Cleaning Services

Whether it’s a large scale project, new addition, a refurbished floor, or minimal cosmetic changes, your newly completed project should be treated with the care it deserves. Let Educated Cleaners help clean and remove any debris, dust, mud, adhesive, and other substances that are left over after a construction project

Backyard Washing

Pressure Washing Services

Educated Cleaners uses pressure washing or power washing to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings and concrete surfaces. Pressure washing can help make the work environment better for the building by eliminating potentially harmful substances, without the use of chemicals. Call us today to see if this could the solution for you.


We understand floor upkeep is necessary for preservation and cleanliness, maintaining luster and overall quality in order extend the life of the floor. Routine maintenance of waxed floors maintains that classic, high-quality appearance. Unfortunately, over time, wax builds up on floors, resulting in a dingy, unattractive, and sticky floor surface. This requires professional treatment to fully remove and re-wax it. Let Educated Cleaners come in and restore and maintain your floors.


Bulk Trash Removal

Educated Cleaners wants to help you take away the pressure and stress of living with unwanted junk. We understand that keeping your business free and clear of clutter and obsolete items is no easy task. At the same time, we stick to our roots as much as possible and we recycle and/or donate as much of the items that are picked up from your business. 

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Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are sick, and we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. We are grateful to the healthcare workers and  front line workers around the world who are working tirelessly to care for people in need.

During these unprecedented times, Educated Cleaners, understands the need for effective cleaning treatments which may be outside the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. We want you to know that we are following protocols set forth by the CDC to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Educated Cleaners believes that our clients health and overall safety are the priority during these times. Please contact us to discuss your specific COVID-19 cleaning needs and to ensure that you have a safe re-opening or to continue with your normal business.​​

Educated Cleaners encourages all sick employees to report symptoms, stay home when they aren’t feeling well, and follow CDC guidanelines. We believe in and encourage social distancing and use face masks. As much as possible, Educated Cleaners will schedule stocking during off-peak hours, we plan to clean and disinfect frequent/high touch surfaces (e.g., counters, shelving, displays), provide employees with disposable disinfectant wipes, cleaner, or sprays that are effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Educated Cleaners will do more employee trainings on: reducing the spread of COVID-19, general hygiene, symptoms of COVID-19, what to do if you or someone you know is sick, cleaning and disinfection, wearing masks, social distancing, use of PPE, PPE, conduct in a workplace, safe work practices, and stress management.             

In addition, when returning to work, It is important to do the following, to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19:

  • Wash Hands - Often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol.

  • Social Distancing - Put distance (at least 6 feet) between yourself and other people. Avoid any close contact

  • Face Masks - Wear cloth face coverings (if appropriate) when social distancing is difficult to maintain. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

  • Avoid Sharing - Phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment,  and disinfect between employees if sharing occurs.

**Remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread the COVID-19 virus too. Please note this is just some information for your knowledge. This should not intend to act as information in place of information that you would intend to get from the Center from Disease Control or from your personal or family doctor. If you aren’t feeling well please seek immediate medical attention or call 911.**

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Why Go Green?

We all need to do our part in keeping the environment clean for our health, the health of our children and for generations to come. With the population on the rise, it is important for everyone to take small steps to improve our environment. From the disposal of mercury containing CFL bulbs, to recycling and composting, these little steps will make a positive impact on the environment.

Due to the use and overuse of many chemical cleaners there is a rise in chemical allergies and chemical sensitivities. The more chemicals that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis the more likely we are to become sensitive to them. These products have a negative effect on us and we are creating a larger problem for our environment. The production, transportation, packaging and disposal of these chemical cleaners leave a heavy carbon footprint on our world. Accordingly, it is important to use eco-friendly products and cleaning methods.

Educated Cleaners is good for your health and well being of the residents of your buildings, good for the life of the buildings and good for our world. Overall, it is important to use an eco-friendly cleaners, cleaning products and methods to keep your environment clean.

Educated Cleaners believes in green cleaning not only for the health and well being of the residents of the buildings we take care of, but green cleaning will also increase the buildings longevity as well as reduce the use of harsh cleaning chemicals which again are not good for the people inside, the building or the environment.

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